Permit Policy

West Midlands Permit Policy


The West Midlands will follow the procedure below in order to book a show. 



Ø  Event Organisers will check the show list to ensure the date is available.


Ø  Pay for the event via BACS using club name as reference when paying.

Lloyds Bank, West Midlands ABA, Account Number 02 88 65 75, Sort Code 30 18 55


Ø  When paying please reference you show payments by the first 3 letters of you club name then the date of the show.


·         First come – first served for show dates, when payment is made the time and date are recorded – this will determine who gets the event date.


Ø  Screen shot or take a photo of the on-screen payment. Email Dave Porter to reserve date with proof of payment. 


Ø  Clubs must complete the Permit request form as soon as possible. Minimum 1 calendar month before show date. Email it to Doug Clifton


If your show is the 20thFebruary, then your permit application needs to be in by 20th January.


Ø  Your permit will be emailed to You, by Appointments secretary before your event.


Ø  It will be the club’s responsibility to display this in the changing room.


Tournament Permit Application Form



It is the sole responsibility of the organising club to ensure that they have completed the checks required for the Permit to be issued.


The Permit is the only documentation the Supervisor needs to see. If they have not received a copy via the Divisional Email list - then the supervisor has a responsibility to contact the Appointments Secretary and ask for it.  (ENSURE YOU ARE ON THE EMAIL LIST) for a copy.