Roll of Honour

England Boxing National Schools Championships 2023

Guildford Spectrum on Sunday 14th May.

Female Cadet Under 32kg

Emma Cawley  (Trojan)

Female Cadet, Under 36kg

Destiny Jackson (Priory Park)

Female Cadet, Under 38kg

Raegan Wakefield (Priory Park)

Male Cadet, Under 54kg

Zidane Tazeem (Midlands)

Female Cadet, Under 42kg

Lexi Davies (RG Boxing)


Female Class B, Under 64kg

Zara Hussain (Midlands)


Male Cadet, Under 44kg

Jagga Iftkha (Fearless)

England Boxing National Junior Championships 2023

Robin Park Sports and Tennis Centre, Wigan on Saturday 26th March. 

Female Junior Cadet, Under 44kg 

 Lexi Clifton (RG Boxing) 

Male Junior Cadet, Under 57kg 

 Jayden Bryce (Worcester City) 

Female Junior Cadet, Under 66kg 

Sophia Fagan (Wildstar) 

Female Junior, Under 52kg 

Caitlyn Wise (Worcester City) 

Female Junior Cadet, Under 57kg 

Mary Love (Priory Park) 

Male Junior Cadet, Under 60kg 

 John Boy Hodgkins (Mikey’s) 

Female Junior Cadet, Under 70kg 

Shannon Warren (Tamworth)

Male Junior Cadet, Under 70kg

  Bailey Wilding (Mikey’s) 

NABGC Boxing Championships 2022

December 10th & 11th 2022 Bridlington CYP Gypsy Road Bridlington YO16 4AY

   CLASS A  Caitlin Wise

        Worcester City     


CLASS B  Millie Short

    Priory Park  


CLASS B  Yusuf Uddin



England Boxing Womens Winter Box Cup 2022

December 4th, 2022 Leigh Leisure Centre, Leigh Sports Villiage WN7 4JY

Youth Class C, Under 54kg         Gieona Kaja-Cuedajri

Elite Class C, Under 50kg              Lucy Caldicott

Elite Class C, Under 70kg   Kayleigh Verity

Elite Class C, Under 52kg

 Tanya Ledger

Elite Class A, Under 50kg     Kelsey Oakley

Elite Class B, Under 75kg     Mary-Kate Smith

England Boxing National Development Championships 2022

October 23rd, 2022 Spiceball Leisure Centre, Banbury

JUNIOR A Under 44kg



Under 50kg


RG Boxing

Under 75kg