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The 2024 West Midlands Awards – A Summary of the Event/Awards


Community Club of the Year 2024

MLSS Boxing Academy - MLSS has recently featured in television for their community work. They showcased female inclusion, charity work and tackling crime and anti-social behaviours.

The lead officer has a CV of helping the local community through religions/cultural belief of community service.

It's an outstanding project and needs recognition. They do so much beautiful work, and really have a positive impact on the local community of Walsall.

They feed the homeless regularly, they carry out street cleans, they mentor and educate young people, they provide boxing and fitness as an opportunity to participate and compete - they are amazing!

WINNER Windmill Boxing Team – The club offers Boxing, Charity, Community, Education, Tackling Crime and Anti-social behaviour, and offers Training / Development.

The Windmill Team always challenge stereotypes and barriers.

They provide a community space for individuals to enjoy, prosper and exceed.

They provide a safe space for females - including those from marginalised communities.

The team offer boxing, exercise, education programmes and social opportunities through events and volunteering.

The team is headed by a knowledgeable official who promotes good practice and inclusion at the club and in the wider division/region and at national level through EB events.

The coaches are from diverse backgrounds, a true reflection of the club membership who have wide understanding of social issues within the area.

They carry amazing charity work , raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes.

They have a reputation for being a caring and friendly club, always open to all.

Recently they supported the Midlands Box Cup with 25 volunteers, a fantastic event that has gained good feedback from clubs around the country. Adding and upholding the good reputation of the WM Division.

The committee are all volunteers who have given at least 100 years of volunteering between them, that's a century of superb work and improving our local / wider communities. They should be recognised for everything they do. 

WM Show of the Year 2024

Wednesbury ABC - A notable charity event to support one of Wednesbury ABC’s young members ‘Leighton’, The event showcased how the division can come together and support one of our own.

The show was well attended and provided a platform to raise over £5700 for treatment and care for the young person.

The bigger picture, it provided awareness to over 400 people in attendance and showcased on England Boxing social media reaching thousands of others.

Wednesbury ABC want to thank everyone who supported this event.

Darlaston ABC - A packed show – 40 tables sold out and more paying at the door. The Show attracted over 500 people and we had 16 bouts from skills, to elite boxers.

The venue was amazing, a purpose built function suite, offering a perfect set up including the field of play and large generous changing rooms for clubs/boxers to enjoy.

A well organised show, with fantastic matching – very competitive bouts thanks to the resident matchmaker T Marhsall.

Officials were well looked after with refreshments and food at the interval – a superb show with a mix of West Midlands Clubs in attendance.

WINNER Tamworth Boxing Show - superb venue, with great facilities, space and an amazingly well organised outfit from the Tamworth Boxing.

The Field of play is set up with professional props, lights and sounds – to give the boxers the best experience and mirror international events.

A marching band accompanied the ring walk for home and away boxers – a touch of class and a truly unique way to amplify the atmosphere.

The ‘plus’ or standout at this show was the implementation of computer scoring system. Tamworth Boxing facilitated the development of officials by providing a platform to use and test the new scoring system. It was a successful roll out of the new technology and supported the Officials to upskill and prepare for computer scoring assignments in the near future.


Official of the Year 2024

Shah Ilyas (Wolverhampton ABC) - A long serving Official, a top-level Judge with huge experience, and represents the Division at National Championships regularly.

Shah has been mentioned and one of the best officials in the Division and the Region, backed up by a recent award as best judge at the Midlands Box Cup.

Shah is always on time, provides support to supervisors and other officials, happy to assist doctors with pre bout checks, is on standby to cover Officials at short notice.

He is really approachable and always presents himself professionally.

Mo Abdullah (Windmill Boxing Team) - Always looking for ways to improve the division, through communication, technology, and representation.

Mo is an active Judge, Referee and Supervisor and is always available for all clubs to seek advice and generally touch base about anything boxing/Division related.

As President he promotes boxing on a local, regional, and national level. He attends meetings and always makes sensible and productive contributions.

His technical knowledge of rules, function and policy within England Boxing means he can support a number of clubs from set up, function and even event planning. Mo has professional skills which allow for troubleshooting at events, and has been lead supervisor for many events across the country. He has recently completed the computer operator awareness sessions and successfully run National Championships and Three Nations Boxing as Computer Operator.

A true ambassador for amateur boxing, he boxed for the division, he runs a club, he coaches, he officiates and he makes time for everyone.

WINNER - Doug Clifton (England Boxing)

Recently Doug has upgraded to the highest level under England Boxing.

Doug has officiated at Championship Finals, Box Cups, Area Duels and also supported international events including Three Nations and World Boxing.

Doug also managed the appointment of Officials for the West Midlands, he successfully manned all shows with the correct ration of Officials – that was a total of 80 clubs shows for the West Midlands Division.

Doug also attends all of the WM Division Meetings, Officials Meetings and even finds the time to support new officials with ongoing advice, encouragement and support.


Senior Leadership Award 2024


Tony Tobin (Wednesbury ABC)

Tony is the most respected Supervisor in the Region, and arguably across the country. He is a proper boxing person, and is very knowledgeable and experienced.

He is known for his compassion and human approach to boxing, doing whatever he can in his power to get the bout on.

Tony has been appointed at National Events as Lead Supervisor regularly and has been shortlisted for England Boxing Awards 2023.

Tony supports Club shows and helps them run safely and smoothly – he goes the extra mile and helps with event planning ahead of shows.

He mentors around 10-15 Officials with regular feedback, monitoring and also sits on the Officials Committee to provide advice, further training and conducts hearings.

Malcolm Clemson (England Boxing)

The Lead Educator who has delivered numerous Officials courses within the West Midlands and beyond. Always looking for ways to improve performance of Officials and provide opportunities to progress to the next level.

Malcolm is also a high level Official himself and has featured in many high rated events, including National Championships, Three Nations, International Duels, Haringey Box Cup.

Malcolm is also Chair of the Midlands Box Cup – a guiding mind, technical support and great ambassador.

Malcolm work offers opportunities to clubs, boxers, officials – all have the opportunity for learning, progression, and an enhanced boxing experience.

Also the Chair of the Division, which is a mammoth task and involves a number of functions to keep the Division in harmony and running smoothly for all members to have the correct and fair experiences.

Best Female Boxer 2024

Lexi Walker (Wodensborough)

Selected for Three Nations - Junior Squad

Zara Hussain (Pound 4 Pound)

National Champion (x2)

WINNER - Caitlyn Wise (Worcester City)

Silver Three Nations - Youth Women

Best Male Boxer 2024

Oathy Varey (Box Smart Elite): Junior Male

National Champion & NAGBC Champion 2023

Jack Ross (BCB Academy): BRONZE

Three Nations Senior Elite

WINNER - Bailey Wilding (Mikeys Gym):

National Junior Champion – Silver at Three Nations – Selected for European Squad

Most Successful Boxer 2024


Shannon Warren (Tamworth Boxing)

National Champion

Three Nations Champion

European Bronze Medal

Services to Boxing 2024

Dave Porter (Lions ABC) – A superb Official who regularly Officiates at shows and also manages the show booking diary for WM Clubs. A total of 80 shows were booked and planned for 2023/2024 season. Dave is the first point of contact for all clubs who wish to book a show.

Warren Davies (Priory Park) - England Coach, Midlands Squad Lead, and Supporting other coaches with development and progressions. Warren is a great coach and goes the extra mile to support boxing within the division (and region). He set up a duel ‘Midlands Squad’ vs another region in Bristol.

WINNER - Shah Ilyas (Wolverhampton) – Fantastic Official recognised by the Region, Division and other Officials. Shah has produced and developed the West Midlands website – this empowers clubs with information, key contacts, results and other vital resources and new about the boxing. This has been a great resource to sign-post members to find what they need in terms of contacts and info.


Club of the Year 2024

WINNER – Windmill Boxing Team

There were many nominations for this prestigious award, however the standout difference between all clubs was the Midlands Box Cup (MBC).

The MBC has provided opportunity to grass roots boxers across our division, region, England, and beyond.

The opportunity is extended to Officials to gain experience, and network with other Officials.

There Windmill Boxing Team organise and support the event – this years event has had nothing but good feedback and this has added to the good reputation of the Club, and the Division.

The club hosts shows, produced a national champion, supports the division by contributing an Official, represents the Division by the way of Mo (President), continues to take on community work, supports 150 young people each week with exercise, education and volunteering opportunities, and provides opportunities for coaches to develop and progress. There is a large inclusive element to the club where they focus on equal opportunities for those from marginalised communities.

Coupled with being selected as the best Community Club – The Windmill Boxing Team were selected as going that extra mile this season and supporting the wider aims England Boxing, the Midlands Counties and the Division – WM Division.

Lifetime Award 2024WINNERS ARE

Nigel Keast (Tamworth Boxing)

The former Secretary for West Midlands Division – for over 30 years Nigel supported our division and shaped the function of what we see today.

Nigel was a fantastic leader, who organised meetings, minutes, shared ideas and supported the vision of the division. A great advocate for amateur boxing and a real unsung hero – we thank you for your Service.

Chris Andrews (Droitwich ABC)

A formidable Official recognised within the Division and beyond. He founded the Droitwich Amateur Boxing Club in 1977. Chris is known for being a polite and professional individual who has a fair and caring approach towards boxers/clubs.

Chris, an advocate for boxers, represented at meetings (Division and Regional) and was heavily relied upon for technical advice around rules and policies around boxing, he was instrumental in supporting Midlands clubs during the major split between Midlands and East Midlands, and created many tools and resources to support clubs during the major changes.

John Curnock (Worcester City)

A national light welterweight champion at the age of 16 when he won the British Air Training Corps title at the Royal Albert Hall, he went on to be one of the sport's leading officials in the Midlands.

He has also seen Worcester produce talents such as Alan Edwards, who won the ABA light middleweight championship in 1967, and Wayne Clayton, who was British junior champion in 1986.

He has held just about every committee position at Worcester, including secretary and chairman, and been president of both the Midland Amateur Boxing Association and West Mercia Division of the ABA.

Colin Hough (Shrewsbury & Severnside)

A true ambassador for the Division, Colin boxed for the Division as a young boy and has a great record through the years, collecting many titles and representing the division for a long period of time. Colin left the club at age 18 to join the army under national service, he returned to the club post war times.

Colin progressed into coaching, he continued his work at Shrewsbury & Severnside boxing club. Colin started his affiliation with the club in 1948, his been part of boxing for over 70 years!

Celebrating Coach Success - The Level 3 Graduates:

Tony Nicholls – Tamworth Boxing

Warren Davies – Priory Park

Louise Vidor – Bright Star

Steve Cadman – Burntwood Platinum

Michael Mikolajczyk – Mikey’s Gym

Kara Mikolajczyk – Mikey’s Gym

National Champions produced by the Division 2023/2024 season:


Abubaker Aria (Fearless) – under 63kg Class A (Jnr)

Savannah Williams (Priory Park) under 54kg Class A (Jnr) F

Emily Palaky (South Wye) – under 50kg Class B (Jnr) F

Bailey Magee (Droitwich) – under 70kg Class B (Jnr)

Emma Nook (BCB Acad) – under 48kg (Youth) F

Husnain Hussain (Windmill) – under 57kg (Youth)

Gieona Kaya-Cuedajri (Priory Park) under 54kg (Senior) F


Immy Ellis (Donnington) – u40kg Female Class A

Jagga Iftikhar (Fearless) – u54kg Male Class A

Zidane Tazeem (Pound4Pound) – u63 Male Class A

Darcie Evans (BCB Acad) - u32kg Cadet (F)

Billy Love (Priory Park) – u46kg Male Cadet

Emma Cawley (Trojan) – under 34kg Female Cadet

Ashleigh-Mae Newton (Walsall Wood) – u50kg Female Cadet


Zara Hussain (Pound 4 Pound) under 63kg Cadet (F)

Theo Newton (Walsall Wood) – under 44kg Cadet

Savannah Williams (Priory Park) – under 52kg Junior (F)

Shannon Warren (Tamworth) – under 70kg Junior (F)

Bailey Wilding (Mikey’s) under 75kg Junior

Oathy Varney (Box Smart Elit) – under 40kg Junior


Yusuf Uddin (Fearless) – under 46kg Youth

Caitlyn Wise (Worcester City) – under 54kg Youth (F)

Callum Seedhouse (Wodensborough) under 60kg Youth


Oathy Varey (Box Smart Elite) – Under 40kg Male – Class A

Kobe Clarke (Wildstar) – Under 63kg Male – Class A

Bailey Wilding (Mikeys) – under 75kg Male – Class A

Deneal Jackson (BCB Acad) – over 80kg Male – Class A

Chloe Holland (RG Boxing) – under 60kg Female – Class A

Mary Love (Priory Park) – under 64kg Female – Class A

Aman Ghulam (Warley) – under 51kg Male – Class D

Special thanks to Scott, and his Team at Bar Sport for hosting the event.

A massive thank you to the committee who organised the awards and sat on the panel to decide the winners:

Alan Keast (Tamworth)

Dave Porter (Lions)

Kieron Marshall (Darlaston)

Lindsey Jarratt (Telford)

Marcus Ashman (Firewalker)

Mike Farnell (Walsall Wood)

Shah Ilyas (Wolverhampton)


It was a successful event – a great afternoon!

I want to thank everyone for attending and wish all clubs the best of luck for the new 2024/2025 season.

There were many clubs/individuals who were not nominated, we hope this maiden event will encourage all clubs to nominate and highlight the good work carried out across the division.

We will be looking for new members for out awards committee – lookout for the application process to apply.

Best Regards,

Mo Abdullah

Chair – WM Awards Committee