Midland Counties Regional Title Belts

Midland Counties Regional Title Belts

Nomination Form 2022/2023

MIDLANDS Title Belts (As of 01/09/22)

The rules and regulations within this document are in place for the Midlands Regional Title Belts..

All Title Belts are to be contested under England Boxing Rules.

1. Structure 

1.1. There will be 50 Elite Regional Title Belts (see below) that cover Elite and Youth age categories for both Males and Females. 

1.2 Once you have Won a Regional Belt you must then go on to compete for the Central Title Belt then a National Title Belt. 

1.3 Once you have Won either an Area or National Title you cannot compete for a Regional Belt at the same weight and Class.

1.4. For clarity, once a National Title Belt holder loses their Title, they need to go back down the structure to win the Regional Belt then Area Belt before they can challenge for the National Title Belt once again. 

2. Eligibility 

2.1. Open to Elite and Youth Boxers (Male & Female) registered to England Boxing. 

(An OPEN Class boxer is someone who has entered or is eligible to enter the Elite or Youth Open Championships.)

2.2. Boxers contracted to GB Boxing are NOT eligible to compete for any of the Title Belts 

2.3. Elite and Youth (Class B) National Champions are NOT eligible to compete for a Title Belt in the category in which they are the National Champion.  For clarity, a Youth 60kg National Champion could not compete for any of the Youth 60kg Belts but, once he becomes an Elite they can compete for the Elite 60kg Belt. 

3. Weights 

3.1. The Title Belts can only be contested at the following weights: 

Male: 46-48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63.5, 67, 71, 75, 80, 86, 92, 92+kg

Female: 45-48, 50, 52, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 70, 75, 81, 81+kg 

3.2. NO weight allowances are permitted for Title Belt contests or eliminators 

4. Contests 

4.1. All bouts will be 3 x 3 minute rounds 

4.2. Where there is a champion, they will have the choice of which corner they will box out of and they will be introduced second by the MC. If there is a vacant belt, a coin toss will be administered to decide which boxer has the choice. 

5. Referees & Judges 

5.1. 5 Judges MUST be used 2 of which Must be B Grade or above, 

5.2. At least 1 Judge Must be from a Division Neutral to Both Boxers 

6. Venue & Medical 

6.1. Title Belts must take place in a minimum 16ft ring 

6.2. The show must have a Doctor appointed with access to (and have appropriate training with) resuscitation equipment or paramedics to be on site. 

7. The belts 

7.1. Belt holder must bring the Belt being contested to the bout. 

7.2. The National and Area belts remain the property of Midland Counties. If a boxer defends the National Title on three consecutive occasions, they will own the belt. 

7.3. Belts shall be looked after by the Belt holder and their club. The cost of a lost or damaged belt that needs to be replaced will be borne by the club of approximately £100 (to cover cost of belt, administration costs). 

7.4. The Midland Counties Title Belts will remain the property of Midland Counties and must be returned upon request. 

7.5. Once a boxer wins a Belt at a higher level the lower belt MUST be relinquished. 

7.6. If a youth boxer holds a Belt, they Must relinquish it when becoming an Elite boxer 

7.7. The belt holder can only defend their belt at a ‘home’ club show No More than Twice. They must offer to defend it ‘away’ unless there is not an opportunity to do so. 

7.8. The Belt holder must actively defend their Belt on a regular basis (at least every 2 months). Failure to defend a Belt for over three months without reasonable justification may result in the Belt being declared vacant. 

8. Applications to compete 

8.1. All participants must send Nomination Forms into Louise Gibbs louisegibbs07@hotmail.co.uk 

       If more than 2 in each weight then a Draw will be done to decide who will box.

9. Withdrawals 

9.1. Anyone Withdrawing a Boxer Must give a minimum of 14 Days Notice to Louise Gibbs, to enable all parties to be contacted. Failure to do so will result in a £50 sanction being imposed by Midlands upon the withdrawing boxer’s club. If the challenger withdraws in this manner, this will count as a Title Belt defence. 

9.2. If a champion withdraws either without contacting Louise Gibbs the Midland Counties Title is deemed vacant. The challenger will then be awarded a bout in 14-28 days for the vacant title against a second challenger of Midlands choosing. 

9.3. If a champion withdraws having contacted Louise Gibbs with a valid reason the bout will be re-scheduled for 14-28 days. If the champion is unable to re-schedule in that time frame the Belt will be deemed vacated. 

9.4. The Midland Counties Title Belts will be declared vacant if:

9.4.1. If the Title Belt holder wins an England Boxing National Title Belt  

9.4.2. If the Title Belt holder ceases to be registered with England Boxing 

9.4.3. The champion is unable to defend against challenges within 42 days. 

9.7. The belt needs to be returned to Midland Counties Secretary. Arrangements can be made for collection.

10. Sanctioning Fees 

10.1. Midland Counties Title Belt Bouts are designed to take place on Club shows, Regional Belt Tournaments or at Regional Championship Finals. 

The following sanctioning fees are payable:

On Regional Belt Tournament / Regional Championship Final – Free

On a Club Show – £25 per Title Belt

10.2. The club hosting the Title Belt contest will pay the sanction fee. Sanction fees are payable to “Midland Counties ABA” a minimum of 21 days Prior to the show.

10.3. A Regional Title Belt Permit will be issued for all Regional Belt bouts by the Regional Secretary, details will be sent to Host Club and Divisional Appointments Secretary in which the bout is to be held. 

No Bout can take place Without a Valid Permit, this Must be shown to the Supervisor.

10.4. No Expenses will be paid to Clubs taking part in Title Belt Bouts.

11. Appeals 

11.1. Any appeals must be sent, in writing, to Louise Gibbs where it will then be reviewed by the Midlands Executive Committee at their next meeting.